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Цифровая фотокамера Ricoh WG-60 Red


18 515.00P

Цена только при покупке через интернет в Россию.
Официальная гарантия на территории Таможенного Союза.

Цифровая фотокамера Ricoh WG-60 Red Цифровая фотокамера Ricoh WG-60 Red Цифровая фотокамера Ricoh WG-60 Red Цифровая фотокамера Ricoh WG-60 Red

Coldness, moisture, shocks and impacts – sound like difficult conditions for most cameras. But not for Ricoh WG-60. This ultra-compact compact camera thrives in all kinds of weather and can even accompany you underwater, all the way down to depths of 14 meters.

The robust casing has also been designed to be crushproof against weights up to 100 kgf (kilogram force) and the camera can be dropped from a height of 1.6 meters without taking damage*. Going for a ski holiday in the mountains? No problem for the WG-60. It doesn’t even freeze when the thermometer shows minus ten degrees! *According to standard tests performed by Ricoh Imaging, falling from 1.6 meters to a 5 cm thick plywood board.

Built-in macro light The heart of the Ricoh WG-60 is a 16 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor that delivers detailed, crisp and color-saturated images in all light conditions. Special underwater modes for both photography and video automatically enhance red colors that otherwise fade the deeper you dive, while contrast also increases to counteract the diffusion of light in water.

A 5x zoom lens with a focal range equivalent to 28-140 mm on a full-frame camera covers most subjects that can be encountered, both in everyday shooting and under more extreme conditions. In addition, with the lens set to a special macro mode, you can get as close as 1 cm from the subject. Here you can also take advantage of the camera's built-in macro light, six LED lights placed in a ring around the lens, that help you achieve clear images even in dark environments.

And should you like to take an evening snaphot, activate the Handheld Night Snap mode. It automatically captures several exposures of the same nighttime scene and combine them into a sharp image with low noise. Something which would otherwise be impossible without using a tripod. When photographing in harsh sunshine, the monitor has an efficient anti-reflection coating that minimizes annoying glare and it can also automatically adjust its brightness in every lighting condition, making it easier for you to compose your pictures.


  • Waterproof (14 meters), shockproof and freeze proof compact camera
  • 16 megapixel sensor and 5x zoom, equivalent to 28-140 mm
  • 1 cm macro mode and supplied macro stand
  • Built-in macro light with six LED’s around the lens
  • Anti-reflection coated 2.7-inch screen provides a crisp and clear image outdoors
  • Video recording in Full-HD (1920 x 1080 pixlar)


Optiskā Tālummaiņa
5 x
Ārējais Zibspuldzes Pieslēgums (Foto Rāmji & Albūmi)
Ārējais Zibspuldzes Pieslēgums (Objektīvi)
Ārējais Zibspuldzes Pieslēgums (Optika)
Attēla Stabilizators
Melna, Red
Fokusa Veids
Auto Fokuss
Sensora Izmērs
Sensora Veids
Video Izšķirtspēja
Full HD
Ārējais Zibspuldzes Pieslēgums (Gaismas, Audio & Studio)
Ārējais Zibspuldzes Pieslēgums (Atmiņa)
Ārējais Zibspuldzes Pieslēgums (Statīvi & Turētāji)
Nepārtrauktā Piedziņa
Focal Length Equivalent (mm)
28-140 mm
USB Interfeiss
USB 2.0
Atmiņas Kartes Veids
Displeja ekrāna izmērs (collas)
2.7 "
Kameras Akumulators
Pentax D-Li92
Waterproof, USB Charging, Speaker, Shockproof, GPS, Iebūvēts Stereo Mikrofons, Iebūvēta Zibspuldze
Maximum Aperture
Focal Length (mm)
5-25 mm
Nekustīgā Attēla Izšķirtspēja (MP)
16 MP
ISO Kamera
125 - 6400
Svars (g)
193 g
Izmēri (DxWxH) (mm)
123 x 63 x 30 mm
Наименование RU
Цифровая фотокамера Ricoh WG-60 Red