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Стабилизатор ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 черный


11 000.00P

Цена только при покупке через интернет в Россию.
Официальная гарантия на территории Таможенного Союза.

Стабилизатор ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 черный Стабилизатор ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 черный Стабилизатор ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 черный Стабилизатор ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 черный Стабилизатор ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 черный Стабилизатор ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 черный Стабилизатор ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 черный Стабилизатор ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 черный Стабилизатор ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 черный

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 turns your mobile phone into a professional filmmaking camera, helping you create stable and smooth movie footage with just your phone!

A special slider on the control panel and a trigger button on the back help you easily switch between different gimbal modes. Dedicated buttons and an adjustment wheel enable fast parameters settings without the need of touching the phone

The Smooth 4 also adds a large, easy to use control wheel that can be used for follow focus, smooth zooming and precise focusing. By rotating the wheel while shooting and moving closer or further away from the subject, you can even create the effect of a dolly zoom – a so called Vertigo shot, used in many famous Hollywood productions!

Integrated with AI technology, Zhiyun Smooth 4 allows object tracking and various advanced time-lapse modes, helping you capture every memorable moment!



12 hour battery time and USB-C charging
The included batteries guarantee a runtime of up to 12 hours and a battery indicator constantly keeps you informed of how much power is left. If that’s not enough, the batteries can even be charged while shooting, using a power bank connected to the gimbals USB-C port. Or, you can use the same port and the batteries in the Smooth 4 to charge the mobile phone!

Hot Keys for instant control
The Smooth 4 features several direct keys (so called Hot Keys) and a slider to quickly and easily command all of its operations and gimbal modes, reducing the need to constantly touch the mobile phone’s screen.

The smart control panel can be used to adjust all photographic parameters such as exposure compensation and ISO and to switch between front and rear cameras, preview the footage, turn on the LED light and even shoot panoramas.

A few example of the different gimbal modes;

  • Dolly Zoom / Vertigo Shot
  • Roll Time-lapse (POV + Time-lapse)
  • POV Orbital Shot (360° spinning shot)


Smooth zooming and precise focusing
By rotating its large and easy to use control wheel, you can smoothly zoom in or out of the scene and create more diverse footage. After pressing the follow focus button, the control wheel will turn into a follow focus controller, where you can adjust the focus manually, creating more possibility for your shooting.

PhoneGo Mode for quicker scene transition
By triggering the button on the back, you can enter the Smooth 4 into “PhoneGo” mode which instantly releases the full potential of all the motors and adjust to faster movements when running or shooting from a moving car/bike etc. Now you can do scene transition as quickly as you wish!

Time-lapse Expert
The Smooth 4 can be used to perform preset Time-lapse and customized Motion-lapse and Hyper-lapse shooting. And with all of the possible angle settings along its three axes it invites you to discover new ways to make powerful time-lapse scenes.  The only limitation is your imagination!

Object Tracking
The Smooth 4 supports object tracking with high precision. Once you have framed the object you want to track on the screen, the stabilizer will do the rest.

Light and durable
The high-quality compound materials and ergonomic design of the Smooth 4 make it both durable, light and comfortable to hold.




Type: 3-axis mobile stabilization (gimbal)
Tilt Angle Range: 240°
Pan Angle Range: 300°
Roll Angle Range: 240°
Deviation in Static State: +/-0.01 to +/-0.04°
Deviation in Motion State: +/-0.05 to +/-0.3°
Recommended Pay Load: 75 - 210 g
Operating time per charge: 12 hours
Operating voltage: 7.4 V
Battery Type: 2x Lithium Ion Battery, 2000 mAh each
Charging Time: 3 hours
Temperature Range: -10° to +45°C
Dimensions: 123 x 105 x 328 mm
Weight: 547 g
Special Features: PhoneGo Mode, Intelligent object tracking, Roll Time-lapse, POV Orbital Shot
Others: Control panel with hot keys, adjustment wheel and slider. Large control wheel for zooming and focus. USB-C charging. Standard tripod screw mount (1/4”) in the bottom. Compatible with the ZY Play app (Android & iOS)


Наименование RU
Стабилизатор ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 черный
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